Visit To The Women Development Center In Bosaso (WDC)

On 3:30 afternoon time 19 th of January 2013 the IDB mission delegates followed by CORD officials went to have a look at the WDC that had previously been donated with brand new computers by IDB. Afterwards the delegates had a talk with the teachers, students and the management team of the center. The center works in the areas of women empowerment through building women educational and vocational skills so that they may be able to find proper jobs and help their families to generate household income.  Due to the generous donation of IDB now the current women and young girls students and the ones to come in the WDC will be able to benefit on how to make use of the computer as a result the number of women and young girls computer literate will be increased substantially. There are now in Bosaso 150 women and young girls that are attending morning and afternoon classes in the Women Development Center learning computer usage, tailoring, and numeracy and literacy skills. In Somalia women are the least educated and therefore CORD strives to see more educated women and young girls so that the upcoming generations may follow the same route.

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