Field Visit To Kobdhehad Village

However, the IDB officials including CORD set forth 10:30 with their mission to visit Kobdhehad which is a village administered by Bosaso municipalities and its located 120 km on the outskirts of Bosaso. The aim of the observatory mission was to make sure that the implemented project of rehabilitating a borehole in Kobdhehad by CORD on behalf of IDB was benefitting the villagers.
On their arrival the IDB delegates were welcomed by the community elders of Kobdhehad who then made their way to the rehabilitated borehole and found out that the borehole was working in good condition to benefit the entire community and their animals. More than 110 families will be benefitting from the rehabilitated borehole in Kobdhehad. In addition, the villagers couldn't express their enormous joy to IDB and CORD for having rehabilitated their unfunctional borehole and at the same time made many prayers to all those who have contributed to the fulfillment of the project.

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