Field Visit To Jingada Village

Around 12:20 after noon time CORD with their hosts IDB delegates went to Jingada village which is approximately 30 km away of Kobdhehad and this same village comes under the administration of Bosaso district. Again their mission was to find out a rehabilitated borehole by CORD with the financial support of IDB and whether if the people and their animals were benefitting from it respectively. However, their arrival was forehand known by the villagers which have been made aware of this mission and they made their way to prepare a welcome lunch by slaughtering sheep's for the IDB delegates and CORD as a form of aspiration and appreciation for their help in rehabilitating their borehole. The borehole will be benefitting an more than 90 families in Jingada and the surrounding villages. But before having their lunch the IDB delegates and CORD went walking to see the rehabilitated borehole which is located at the center of the village. Furthermore, the villagers proudly enough couldn't express their huge excitement for having once again being able to benefit from their borehole. They made many thanks to IDB and CORD for their joint efforts of rehabilitating the borehole.

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