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Essential issue that has always affected the most vulnerable groups is the violation of human rights in Somalia. Women and girl child are far more likely to experience violation of their rights than men and boys in our communities. One of the main reasons CORD was created two decades ago was to promote the protection of human rights in Somalia, therefore, CORD remains committed to promote and enhance the protection of rights of the people in Somalia. With the support of Bread for the world, CORD is able to effectively gather people through seminars and inform them about human rights, its importance and why we should all stand up to celebrate and protect the GOD endowed rights for human beings. HIV/AIDS Another difficult problem that is faced by people and many more at risk of falling to it. Unfortunately, people in our state largely neglect on issue of HIV/AIDS due public stigmatization. Young people need to be properly informed about the disease including protection from getting infected, early response to the infection, how to tackle the problem of stigmatization and so on. CORD regularly conducts workshops that are focused on prevention, treatment and anti-stigmatization of HIV/AIDS for refugees and internally displaced people in Bosaso, Puntland, Somalia. This awareness program is funded by Bread for the World. COMBAT ILLEGAL MIGRATION CORD is fighting illegal migration by promotion of local discovery in Bosaso, Puntland. The proximity of Bosaso to Red Sea which is a major route for illegal migrants from Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia to middle east and Europe has created a reputation as an important transit and hot-spot for human traffickers in Africa. CORD intends to fight this battle by reinventing anti-migration strategy, our aim to shift the focus of overseas economic empowerment to local economic empowerment by introducing the potential of local resources and opportunities. We believe that there are enough resources and potentials that will stop youth from leaving homeland if proper lights are shed on those opportunities with systematic guidance on how everyone can benefit from them. This great awareness initiative is funded by Bread for the world.

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